About Aneta

From Finance…. To Fashion…. My Story

Hi…My name is Aneta Pazeski, I am the founder of the BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM. I am passionate about fashion and especially formal/bridal wear. My aim is to help Brides-to-be and her bridesmaids have an enjoyable and stress-free experience when buying bridesmaid dresses, hence our tag line “Cut out the stress and find the perfect dress!”.

I wanted to introduce myself so you know “the real person” who is behind the brand. I am a business owner, a fashion designer, a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. I am an accountant by trade (yes you heard right…a “boring” accountant) with a Commerce/Law Degree, CPA qualification and Masters in Business…So how and why the change you may ask??? I was cruising along working in the corporate world and climbed the ranks quite quickly, enjoying all the perks and travel along the way…until…my world came crashing down…literally.


On Boxing Day 26 December 2004, we were celebrating our 1st year wedding anniversary whilst on a trip to Phuket, Thailand, and we were struck by the mass devastation of the Tsunami waves. I was 3 minutes away from being hit by the first wave…and let’s just say that my take on life has never been the same!

I didn’t want to leave this world saying “I should have, I could have, but I didn’t!”. I decided that life was too short to not follow my passions and dreams in life, so I registered my first business “Zanet Couture” and pursued my natural talent for designing and creating bridal and eveningwear. I started off working part-time, and then said goodbye to the corporate world after my second child, and have never looked back.

My first ever client was for bridesmaid dresses in 2001 (well before I even had a “real” business), and the demand for good quality bridesmaid dresses with a modern and stylish design, has continued to grow, so hence I launched the “BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM”. My business is really driven by the desire to help women look and feel amazing, regardless of their body shape, size or age. To advise them honestly and correctly about a dress that will give them the confidence to LOOK and FEEL like a “Bombshell Bridesmaid” at a dear family/friends’ wedding, rather than just selling them a “dress”.

Let’s celebrate a woman’s natural beauty and confidence…and daring to dream, believe and achieve 🙂


PORTRAIT COUTURE FASHION SHOOT Featuring Aneta Pazeski from 

Featuring Aneta Pazeski from Bridesmaids Dressing Room
Photography by Extreme Exposure Photography
Videography by Allure Productions
Ballgown from our Jadore collection