How do I choose the colour for my bridesmaid dresses?


How do I choose the colour for my bridesmaid dresses?

The bridesmaids dress colour is probably one of the most critical decisions you will make – as it sets the overall look and feel for your wedding day.  We have some bride-to-be’s that know “exactly” the colour they want for their dresses, and others who really struggle to make a decision on colour.  It can be a very tough decision for some. When making a decision,  the key elements to consider are your wedding theme; your venue; the season; the colouring & body shapes of your bridesmaids; and your unique personality!  If you need help picking your wedding theme colours and bridesmaid dresses…here are some key tips:

Colour is critical, make the right choice…

The challenge is that colour is such a personal thing – and when trying to dress multiple bridesmaids in the same colour, it can be quite difficult.  Not every colour will suit everybody in the same way.  Also everyone has a different personal preference when it comes to colour.   You want to choose a colour that you love AND the girls love.  A colour that you will love in years to come.  You don’t want to be saying “What was I thinking???” when you look back at your wedding photos in years to come.


“At the end of the day, it is your wedding, and it needs to be a true reflection of you and your personal style, whilst considering your bridal party’s preferences too. ”

Bridesmaids Dress Colour: Your wedding theme

A good way to start is to think about the mood or theme that you are trying to create for your wedding.  Do you want a soft, romantic feel; a rustic or vintage look; or something bold, bright and contemporary?  Setting a theme for your wedding is not a mandatory thing to do, but having one certainly helps you make some decisions around colour.

For example to achieve a vintage or romantic look – colours such as dusty pink, nude, vanilla, mocha, champagne, rose, peach, salmon and cream are a popular choice.  To achieve a rustic look – suggested colours include: burnt orange, olive green, mushroom, buttercup yellow, stone, grey and cinnamon.

Think about the various locations where you will take your photos.  If for example a lot of your photos are going to be in a winery setting, you might avoid choosing green dresses that will blend in with the background and make the girls look camouflaged in the photos.

Bridesmaids Dress Colour:  Your wedding venue

What does your venue look like?  What is the ambiance like in the room?  Is it dark or is it light an airy?  Try to image what the room would look like with your girls floating and mingling around the room.  If you are having a contemporary reception, then perhaps you should consider modern styled bridesmaid dresses, and go for black or ivory gowns.  Or if the venue is very grand and luxurious, then you can look at more formal gowns, and select royal coloured gowns like deep red, emerald green or cobalt blue. The colours you would choose for a relaxed beach setting would generally be different to a formal reception style venue.

Remember that you can introduce a lot of colour to your reception/venue through the use of flowers/decor/chair cover ribbons and even candy buffet tables.  Do you want to match your decor to the colour of  your bridesmaid dresses, or would you prefer to keep it quite neutral?  There are certainly lots of things to consider when it comes to colour.

Bridesmaids Dress Colour:  The colouring and body shapes of your bridesmaids

We often see brides come in with an idea of the “perfect colour” for their bridesmaids.  Sometimes they get completely deflated and upset when they actually see that colour on their bridesmaids, and it just doesn’t work.  A girl may look washed out, or the colour just might be “wrong” for one of the girls.  The girls skin tone plays an important part in choosing the dress colour.  If they are very pale/fair skin tone, a nude or neutral tone may really wash them out and in some cases can make them look sickly.  You really need to choose a colour with some depth when you have fair skin.  A spray tan can help, but you don’t want to risk the girls looking too dark with a tan that looks “too fake”…and just looks wrong.  The same applies with hair colour.  You need to consider what colours will suit all the girls and their hair colour – although that can change with the quick visit to the hairdresser lol.

Even if they are the same dress size, none of your bridesmaids will be exactly the same body shape.  You need to give some consideration as to what colours will be most flattering on their body shapes.  Keep in mind that darker colours will always be more slimming, whereas lighter colours can make the body appear bigger – it’s just a visual “optical illusion” thing that happens.  You can be quite strategic in choosing colours that will help with any trouble spots or areas of concern some of the girls in your bridal party may have.  There needs to be a level of compassion and understanding between the bride and bridesmaids, especially when you are dealing with women with completely different body shapes.  Don’t let it lead to dress drama…or even worse, ruin a friendship over a dress colour.

Bridesmaids Dress Colour:  The season

If you get really stuck…think about the season that you are getting married in.  In autumn/winter months, research colours that are deep, warm and rich.   Aubergine, eggplant, teal, dark purple and navy are some great colour choices for cooler months.  In spring/summer seasons, you have a lot more flexibility with the colours you can choose.  You can opt for light/dusty pink, latte, peach, coral, violet or purple hues.  In the blue/green family, mint, aqua or the famous “Tiffany Blue” shade are very popular.

Bridesmaids Dress Colour:  Your unique personality

There are so many options.  You just need to choose one that best reflects your personality.  It’s nice to discuss your colour choice with your fiance too.  Some of our grooms have been very actively involved in the bridesmaid dress colour selection process.  If you have a signature colour, that everybody knows represents the true essence of you…then go with that.  Or if you have dreamed of having purple bridesmaid dresses since you were a little girl – then go for it.  At the end of the day, it is your wedding, and it needs to be a true reflection of you and your personal style, whilst considering your bridal party’s preferences too.  You want everyone to look and feel their best, and feel comfortable with what they are wearing.

Don’t forget that you can also select multiple colours in the same colour scheme for your bridal party. For example you could have graduating shades of pinks – mixing a very pale pink, dusty pink and rose pink together if you have 3 bridesmaids.  Think 50 shades of grey…in terms of colour ha ha

If after considering all these factors you are still undecided – go with a colour you love — pick a shade that is “YOU”.  You will “just know” the right colour when you see it – just like you “knew” when you found the perfect wedding dress!

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