Stories & inspiration from real brides

Stories & inspiration from real brides

Belinda & Stuart


BACHELOR MEETS BACHELORETTE: Stuart and Belinda met on the dance floor at a university bar back in 2010. The pair felt very comfortable to be around each other from that first day, with conversation flowing easily. A few days late, they had their first date and they talked for hours on end. They quickly realised that they had the same sense of humour and really enjoyed being around each other.

THE PROPOSAL: Stu proposed in a park in 2016 after 6 years of dating. He got down on one knee, holding one red rose in true Bachelor style, asking Belinda “will you accept this rose?” (This happens to be one of Belinda’s favourite shows). Once she said yes to the red rose, he then asked if she would marry him while still on one knee, as he revealed the engagement ring. Of course, she said YES again!

LET’S GET PERSONAL: The couple were wed at Poet’s Lane in Sherbrooke, with the ceremony held in their chapel. 92 guests were in attendance for the nuptials, and the couple loved the fact that the venue offered everything in the one place. From guest accommodation, ceremony and reception venue, Belinda describes everything as personal, traditional, elegant, classy and modern.

The theme of the wedding was gold mirror and white. The flowers were all white/ ivory with green foliage and the cake topper, invitations, place name cards and some other decorations were all gold mirror or gold foil. Poet’s Lane provided the white tiffany chairs and fireplaces which made the wedding feel modern yet personal.

In keeping in line with the personal touch, the couple also decided to have photos of their parents and grandparents on each of their wedding days on display during the day so that all of the guests could have a look at their favourite wedding photos, and how the style had changed over the years!

BRIDES DRESS: Belinda’s dress was a Mori Lee dress by Madeline Gardner from Eternal Weddings in Hawthorn. She tried on this dress fairly early on in her search, but even when trying on other dresses, she still had this one in the back of her mind.

BEST PART OF THE DAY: “We loved the whole day but one of the best parts was cutting the cake which was a time where we had one of our favourite songs playing and although everyone else was watching it felt like a moment just between the two of us. It also was a chance to look at everyone else who was coming up to take a photo of us on their phones, and realise how lucky we are to have these people in our lives and for it to sink in that we were now newly married!”

“A few pieces of advice for brides-to-be:
1. Try to book suppliers early and plan ahead as much as possible. Don’t worry if you are feeling really stressed and nervous, this is totally normal! (I must admit I felt more stressed than I thought I would, but because I was organised most things went to plan!)
2. Try to get suppliers who know each other as this is easier to coordinate – our photographer had worked with our venue staff before, our venue recommended our hair and make-up team etc.
3. If possible, have your honeymoon straight after your wedding – it’s a great opportunity to reminisce with your new husband about your wedding day and gives you both time to relax after all the hectic planning!”

PHOTOGRAPHER: Courtney from Little Black Birdy Photography

WHY BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM?: “I had already bought my Mori Lee wedding dress and love these designs. I ideally wanted to find Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses as well and I did a search online and Bridesmaids Dressing Room came up. Aneta was easy to speak to from the start and I knew it would be more of a personalised experience than going to a typical retailer where you can’t talk to anyone, or being rushed through at a bridal store. Aneta had a great variety of Mori Lee bridesmaid dresses, and the girls had a long appointment to try on what styles and colours would suit them. It was also good not to have to order them online because as it turned out, the dress I thought I liked online I didn’t like in person! We instead went for something similar which suited the girls more.”

OVERALL EXPERIENCE WITH BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM: “We had a great experience with Aneta and Bridesmaids Dressing Room – we enjoyed the personalised experience and the range of dresses which were available. It was also very convenient that Aneta could alter the dresses to fit the measurements of the girls properly.