Stories & inspiration from real brides

Stories & inspiration from real brides

Delene & Jackson



HIGH SCHOOL LOVEDelene met Jackson in high school when they were in Year 10 after their friendship circles crossed paths. 

THE PROPOSAL: Jackson organised a ring and spoke to Delene’s parents before they left for their 6week trip to North America. It was Christmas Eve in Banff and the pair decided to have a day off from snowboarding, so they went for a walk instead. After walking for quite some time, Jackson finally found a secluded spot in the woods. He said he would take a photo of the Hunter boots Delene had borrowed from a friend so she could show her. Delene walked down to the frozen lake for the photo and when she turned around, she saw that Jackson was down on one knee. This is where he asked, ‘will you marry me? 

COMBATING COVID: The couple were due to the tie the knot on the 13th of February 2021, however with the announcement of a snap lock down coming into effect at midnight, they were quickly married on the 12th of February 2021 insteadThis occurred after already postponing from the 18th of April 2020 and again on the 3rd of October 2020.  

The wedding was held at the beautiful Camp David Farm in Springhill. The colour theme was burgundy, which is the tone the bridesmaids worecoupled with matching floral arrangements and other accessories. Their concept for the wedding was quite modern, from the white bentwood ceremony chairs to the marble tables and bar in the marquee. 

Delene says her favourite part of the wedding day was when she finally met Jackson at the end of the aisle. After the craziness of the day and thinking it was going to need to be postponed again, it was a day full of many emotions. However, with the amazing effort put in by all the suppliers, Jackson (the event organiser) and their friends and family – it all came together!  

BRIDES ADVICE: “As easy as it is to say now that itall over, my advice would be don’t sweat the small stuff. Jackson is an event organiser and had the day/wedding weekend planned down to the finest details. Then, with the snap lockdown being announced it all went out the window and we still had the most amazing day!”

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ali from Smith and Archer

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