Stories & inspiration from real brides

Stories & inspiration from real brides

Eva & Raymond



MUTUAL ATTRACTIONEva and Raymond were introduced to each other by Eva’s cousin via a text message. The pair met up on a Sunday and from that moment it was instant love. 

THE PROPOSAL: Raymond was a total romantic! He proposed in the beautiful surrounds of the Carlton Gardens with a singer and musicians playing the couple’s song. He went down on one knee and asked Eva to marry him, much to her surprise and delight!  

RUSTIC BRILLIANCE: Eva and Raymond’s wedding day turned out to be spectacular despite COVID19 restrictions limiting their guestlist from 200 people to 115. This just meant that the couple’s closest loved ones were selected to be able to celebrate their special day with them. Held at Meadowbank Estate, the weather was perfect, and the food was deliciousTheir theme was rustic and vintage with white and wooden brown décor the highlights 

Eva describes the best part of the day was getting to say I do to her husband, as well as walking down the stairs at her parent’s house to her awaiting family, clapping her down.  

BRIDES DRESS:  Eva opted for a vintage style dress with tassels, a nice train and very detailed embellishments.  

BRIDES ADVICE:  Soak it all in on the day, enjoy, have fun and relax.” 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Imedia Studios 

WHY BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM?: “They had a variety of dresses to choose from to suit every style or body type. It was easy and affordable.”  

OVERALL EXPERIENCE WITH BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM:  Very good, comfortable and easy. They spent time with my bridesmaids to make sure they were happy with what they were going to be wearing.”