Stories & inspiration from real brides

Stories & inspiration from real brides

Stephanie & Anthony


THE PROPOSAL: Anthony proposed to Stephanie in Flinders Lane, just down from ChinChins where the couple had their first date. Anthony had recreated their entire first date at ChinChin, down to the very last detail! They had a drink downstairs at the Gogo Bar, and then dined upstairs, at the exact tables they sat at on the night of their first date. Anthony also had the drinks menu altered to include both of their favourite drinks!

BLACK TIE AND TIMELESS:  The couple wanted to create an elegant, classic and timeless atmosphere for their wedding day. 210 guests attended the ceremony which was held at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Newman College – University of Melbourne. The reception was held at Metropolis Events in Southbank, with Stephanie and Anthony both falling in love with the beautiful New York loft style windows that perfectly framed the Melbourne city skyline and the city lights at night. The couple had a few international guests in attendance and thought that the venue perfectly showcased Melbourne. The pair let the venue speak for itself – with its stylish décor, marble and brass furniture, coupled with a white gloss dancefloor. The simplicity and flow of the dance floor and bridal table ensured that the incredible florals by Babylon Flowers were able to shine! Pillar candles were also really important for their overall look after sunset.

The couple opted for a black-tie dress code for the evening to complete their overall vision. They also had a sax player roaming around during canapés and a 6 piece band which kept the dance floor alive all night long. Stephanie says it’s difficult to pick one thing as being the best part of the day, as the entire day was truly incredible. If she had to choose one thing though, she says being able to celebrate their love and the start of their marital journey with those who mean the most to them is definitely a key highlight.

BRIDE’S DRESS: Karen Willis Holmes


“The wedding day is over before you know it. Enjoy every single moment. Take a step back from all the celebrations and just take it all in – it is so beautiful watching the love fill the room from all of your special people.”

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jenna Fahey-White


“Bridesmaids Dressing Room stocked a range of Shona Joy dresses, in particular, the Shona Joy Luxe Bias Slip which I had my eye on for my bridesmaids. I loved the silhouette of this dress but at the time, it hadn’t been released in black. When I told Aneta that I wanted the girls in black, Aneta told me that they had just found out the dress would be released in black about a month and half before our wedding date. It was meant to be – we didn’t go anywhere else, the dresses were ordered the next day.”


“We had a really great experience at Bridesmaids Dressing Room. The customer service was great and their opening hours made it easier to coordinate the schedules of four women working full-time. Aneta was extremely knowledgeable, honest and very accommodating. She ensured that my bridesmaids had dresses that fitted perfectly. They looked incredible on the day. Thank you again to Aneta for your help.”

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Shona Joy LUXE Collection – Bias Cowl Slip Maxi Dress SJ3511 – limited edition Onyx colour.

See the style below (but in a different colour)…

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