Stories & inspiration from real brides

Stories & inspiration from real brides

Stephanie & Sime



MUTUAL AFFECTION: Steph met Sime through mutual friends many years ago.  

THE PROPOSAL:  Sime casually got down on one knee and popped the big question while the couple were home relaxing on a Friday night. Steph says it was incredibly sweet.  

WEDDED VINEYARD BLISS: The couple had a large wedding full of dancing and lots of fun! Steph chose an elegant and simple theme and the décor included white roses, splashes of greenery and intimate candles. The reception was held at Taylors Lakes Reception. Steph says that the best part of the day was marrying her best friend and dancing all night long.  

BRIDES DRESS: Raffaele Ciuca 

BRIDES ADVICE: Stay calm and don’t stress about anything. Everything will work out on the day.” 

PHOTOGRAPHER: T One Photography and Video  

WHY BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM?: “I chose to use Bridesmaids Dressing room because Aneta was very easy to work with. There were plenty of options / colours to choose from so I was able to decide what I wanted on day one. 

OVERALL EXPERIENCE WITH BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM: My experience with Bridesmaids Dressing Room was great. I would recommend them to other brides.