Stories & inspiration from real brides

Stories & inspiration from real brides

Tayla & Michael



LOVE ONLINETayla and Michael met online and after going on a few dates, they quickly realised it was more than friendship. Five years later, they have a little boy and are hoping to have another on the way, very soon. 

THE PROPOSAL: Michael proposed in front of their family and friends on Tayla’s birthday four years ago. 

BEACHY AND BEAUTIFUL: The couple’s wedding day featured their son – making it an incredibly special occasion. The venue was All Smiles in Sorrento on a cliff overlooking the back beach. With all their loving family and friends there celebrating their day, Tayla and Michael didn’t want it to end! 

Tayla describes the best part of the day was seeing Michael for the first time before the wedding to take photos, and his expression during that first look – priceless! Another highlight was seeing their son in a baby cart coming down the aisle, followed by seeing their friends and family after the wedding to celebrate. 

BRIDES DRESS: Tayla picked her dress before organising anything else and says it was her dream dress. As soon as she saw it, she knew she had to have it and everything just flowed from there. 

BRIDES ADVICE:  Enjoy the day and don’t worry about a thing as it all comes together. It literally goes by in a flash, and you only get to shine for a day.”  

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jayne from Bright Eyes Photography

WHY BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM?: “I chose Bridesmaids Dressing Room as I did my research beforehand and when coming across Aneta, she had amazing reviews. When we went there – not only did she make us feel at home, but she gave us some good advice. As she has been in the industry for a while, she knows what’s best and that’s what made us feel so welcomed and happy with the service. 

OVERALL EXPERIENCE WITH BRIDESMAIDS DRESSING ROOM: Excellent and amazing – couldn’t fault it!”