Get to know Aneta Pazeski, founder of Bridesmaids Dressing Room

Aneta Pazeski has made a name for herself in the Australian bridal industry through her passion, intuition, and sheer determination. Through almost two decades of being in the business of bridesmaids fashion, Aneta has developed an insight to what brides – and their bridesmaids – actually want.

From her personalised approach for each customer to her commitment to helping other women-owned businesses thrive, Aneta has certainly found a place within the Australian small business landscape.

Read on to learn more about the dramatic incident that got Aneta here in the first place, as well as her unique take on life, love, and business!

A Wave Of Change

Not many of us can pinpoint the exact moment our lives changed forever, but Aneta certainly can.

Even as a young woman, Aneta was drawn to the world of finance and business. She spent a massive chunk of her life training to be in finance, and is in fact an accountant by trade. Her qualifications include a Commerce & Law Degree, CPA qualification and a Masters in Business.

Over the years, she rose up the ranks to eventually become a sector director within CPA Australia. 

There’s no doubt that Aneta always had the intellect and fortitude to handle a career in that industry. But something was always lacking. She felt content, but she also felt under-stimulated in her career. There was an itch in the creative side of her brain that she couldn’t quite scratch.

Amidst her mulling over a potential career shift, something happened that changed the world – and her life – in the process.

In 2004, Aneta and her husband went on an anniversary trip to the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand. On Boxing Day that year, this tropical paradise was ravaged by tsunami waves that created mass destruction that took years to recover from.

Aneta was 3 minutes away from being hit by that first gigantic wave.

Witnessing just how quickly tranquility can transform into terror was an eye-opening experience for Aneta. It was the impetus that caused her to take full stock of her life and the direction she wanted to take from that moment on. 

Facing the death and devastation around her, her thoughts crystallised: “I don’t want to leave this world saying, ‘I should’ve, I could’ve, but I didn’t,’ she says while recalling that moment.

Upon returning home, Aneta embarked on her true passion in life – fashion. It was in her blood, after all – her great-grandfather was a successful tailor who traveled around Macedonia making bespoke men’s suits!

Her first business, Zanet Couture, specialised in tailor-made bridal and evening wear. After a few years of growing the business as a side hustle, she bid farewell to the corporate world and dove into the fashion business full time.


A Passion For Bridesmaid Fashion

When she first dipped her toes in the formalwear and bridal couture business, Aneta saw that bridesmaids were making up a good chunk of her clientele. She also noted that brides were complaining about how finding the perfect dresses for their wedding party – made up of women of all different shapes, sizes, and preferences – was more stressful than finding a wedding dress for themselves!

Aneta eventually launched Bridesmaids Dressing Room to address this gap in the market for beautiful bridesmaid couture in Melbourne and a personalised experience for brides and their besties! There were many bridesmaids dress shops in Melbourne, but Aneta wanted to create a place that sold more than just dresses.

From the inception of Bridesmaids Dressing Room, Aneta has focused on not just offering gorgeously made dresses for bridesmaids, but providing an unforgettable experience for brides and bridesmaids that they will treasure for years to come.

“My business is really driven by the desire to help women look and feel amazing, regardless of their body shape, size or age,” says Aneta. “I want to advise them honestly and correctly about a dress that will give them the confidence to look and feel like a ‘bombshell bridesmaid’ at a dear family or friends’ wedding, rather than just selling them a dress.”

It’s clear from the happy faces of brides and their bridesmaids that Aneta is right on track with this approach!

Aneta personally searches for designers and brands that make bridesmaids dresses that are high-end, size-inclusive, and of impeccable quality. She puts the focus on quality pieces that can be tweaked to suit a variety of body shapes and sizes. Bridesmaids Dressing Room has, in fact, become the place for made-to-order bridesmaids dresses in Melbourne.

Made-to-order bridesmaids dresses continue to be the focus of Bridesmaids Dressing Room.

That’s why Aneta makes sure the business works with designers that truly value creating dresses that perfectly suit any bridesmaid!

Bridesmaids Dressing Room stocks bridesmaids dresses from a range of international and Australian designers, including Shona Joy Bridesmaid Dresses, Jadore Bridesmaids, Les Demoiselle, Mori Lee Bridesmaids, Dessy Bridesmaids Dresses, Goddess By Nature Bridesmaids, Nicolina Bridesmaids, Tania Olsen Bridesmaids Dresses, and Watters Bridesmaids.

Aneta’s also seeking to stock more accessories to fulfill her dream of Bridesmaids Dressing Room becoming the one-stop shop for everything a bridesmaid needs! Aneta’s already brought in a gorgeous selection of Olga Berg clutches and evening handbags, and has a few more accessories brands in mind for the future.

Bridesmaid Dresses Melbourne Aneta Pazeski Bridesmaids Dressing Room Showroom

A Master Of The Juggling Act

Beyond being a business owner and fashion maven, Aneta is first and foremost a dedicated mother to her three children, a boy and two girls. Speaking in an interview with Aussie business networking site Mum & Co, Aneta explains how balancing motherhood and her career has been the key to her success.

“I had a system where I was realistic about ‘money time’ and ‘mummy time,” she reveals. “And honestly, it was through maintaining positive practices in relation to health, wealth, mindset, and relationships that I was able to succeed. Spending all of your time on your business, and not making time for yourself or your children, well, that’s a recipe for failure for me – not a recipe for success.”

As if that isn’t impressive enough, Aneta is also passionate about her role as an industry mentor in the small business industry in Australia. She takes pride in being a woman in business who champions other women business owners. 

Being skilled at juggling the different roles in her life allowed Bridesmaids Dressing Room to continue to flourish despite the lockdowns and restrictions in 2020 and 2021. Aneta pivoted her business and made quick-thinking changes to continue serving her clients, albeit with some minor shifts to her and her team’s approach.

For example, while Skype and Zoom fittings have always been on offer for interstate and international clients, Aneta immediately made them available to all clients, no matter where they were located. 

“I say to them, all you need is a computer, a measuring tape and someone at the other end to assist you,” she explains.

She now counts online bookings, fittings, and communication as an important part of her business. It’s certainly made Bridesmaids Dressing Room into a successful place to find bridesmaids dresses online in Melbourne and Australia!

While Bridesmaids Dressing Room has now opened up their Melbourne bridesmaids dresses showrooms again, Aneta says that their online services will continue to be offered for bridesmaids all around the world. 

Aneta has also made sure her team at Bridesmaids Dressing Room continues to focus on providing education and additional resources for brides and bridesmaids online. This includes sharing helpful tips and tricks on Bridesmaids Dressing Room’s Instagram account as well as publishing a free eBook, “The Ultimate Guide: Bridesmaid Dresses Without The Stress”.

A Commitment To Excellence

By taking the drive and determination that saw her so rapidly climb the corporate ladder, and applying that know-how to Bridesmaids Dressing Room, Aneta has achieved a slew of industry awards and recognitions in her time in the fashion business!

In 2014, Bridesmaids Dressing Room won their first award as the Best Wedding Supplier in the Bridesmaid Gown Category at the Victorian Annual Bridal Industry Awards (ABIA Awards). In the years that followed, Aneta and her team at Bridesmaids Dressing Room have claimed even more prestigious awards in the bridal and fashion industry!

Aneta and her team went on to win the award for Best Bridesmaid Gown Business in Victoria at the ABIA for 7 years in a row from 2014-2020, and Best in Australia for 2018 & 2019 for the Bridesmaids Category.  Bridesmaids Dressing Room also won Best Bridesmaid Exhibitor and Best Overall Exhibitor at the Melbourne Bridal & Honeymoon Expo in 2014.

At the 2012 Fashion Awards Australia, Aneta represented Bridesmaids Dressing Room as the winner of the Professional Racewear Category. This was after being a finalist and runner up in the previous year.

In partnership with milliner Leanne Bonello from Cailin Alainn, Aneta has designed one-off racewear creations to compete in the MYER Fashions on the Field (Design Award Category) on Melbourne Cup Day each year at the invitation of the Victorian Racing Committee. Being a proud Melburnian through and through, this is always a highlight in Anerta’s calendar!

As the founder of Bridesmaids Dressing Room, Aneta has also won the STAR Women In Business Awards in the Manufacturing, Trade & Construction Category.

Creating A Legacy

“Let’s celebrate a woman’s natural beauty and confidence… and daring to dream, believe and achieve” – Aneta Pazeski, founder of Bridesmaids Dressing Room

While she is known in the industry for her passion, focus, and tenacity, anyone who meets her in person will tell you that Aneta is all about making everyone feel welcome in her presence. Her warm, supportive, and bubbly nature is the secret ingredient to her success.

It’s how she has crafted a brand that is known for creating a stress-free experience for brides and bridesmaids. In her own customers’ words in reviews and testimonials, a theme emerges: 

  • The whole experience from start to finish was free from stress and the bridesmaids dresses on the day looked spectacular! – Ange, Melbourne
  • Aneta at Bridesmaids Dressing Room was fantastic. She was so flexible and accommodating of all our needs. She genuinely went above and beyond for everything I needed in the lead up to the big day. – Kayla, Melbourne
  • Aneta was fantastic with her service. She made me and my bridesmaids feel comfortable and had a lot of options for me. – Jasmina, Melbourne
  • Aneta is absolutely fantastic! She takes all the stress out of finding the perfect dress for the bridesmaids! – Adriana, Melbourne

Aneta’s commitment to quality, excellence, and customer service is a legacy that will shine on for a long time to come.

Want to to learn more about how Bridesmaids Dressing Room helps brides and bridesmaids find the perfect dress – without the stress? Head to our How It Works page now! You can also view Bridesmaids Dressing Room’s whole range of dresses and accessories by clicking here and making an appointment online here.

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