How It Works?

If you are looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses – you have landed on the right site! Choosing your bridesmaid dresses can be a bit tricky – especially when you have so many factors to consider. We understand how confusing and difficult it can be. We are here to help you make the right choices and make sure your bridesmaids’ look and feel their best on your wedding day.

Often we get asked “So how does made-to-order work?”

The simplest way to describe it is that you “Pre-order” and “Pre-pay” for your dresses now, and then wait approximately 12-14 weeks for the dresses of your choice to be made for you in standard sizes.

  • All our dresses are made-to-order in standard sizes from a variety of suppliers
  • Pick your favourite brand, style, colour, size and fabric from our large range
  • Sizes 0 – 30 available for most dresses
  • Dresses take approximately 12-14 weeks to arrive from time of confirmed order
  • Rush orders are available for selected styles (upon approval)
  • No refunds, change of colour or exchanges are available after ordering

Follow our easy step process and let us help you “Cut out the stress and find the perfect dress” for your bridesmaids.

Easy Step Process:

Step 1

Browse through our website to view the range of dresses available.

Step 2

Pick your ultimate “favourite” style (or mix of styles) for your bridesmaids.

Step 3

Open the size chart for the brand/s you have chosen. (You can print off the size chart/s to have as a reference if desired).

NOTE: Each designer has their own unique size chart – make sure you use the right one

Step 4

Read the “HOW TO TAKE MEASUREMENTS” section on our website. Then accurately measure and record the appropriate sizes for each of your bridesmaids. You can choose to have a professional dressmaker help you (highly advisable) or you can choose to self-measure.

NOTE: This is the MOST CRITICAL step in the whole ordering process. Please CALL US ON +61 3 83906600 at this point if you are unsure about how/where to correctly self-measure.

Step 5

 Select your style, colour, size and length (if appropriate) for each bridesmaid. Then order and pay for your selected bridesmaid dresses using our shopping cart.

NOTE: If you order 4 or more dresses in the one order you will receive FREE DELIVERY.

Step 6

Our office will check your order for availability and timing (to ensure you have allowed enough time before your wedding day or special occasion for your dresses to arrive and be altered – if necessary). Then you will receive a second email with your final order confirmation (or rejection).

Step 7

Wait approximately 12-14 weeks for your dresses to be delivered to you (unless you have requested and received approval for a rush order – available for selected brands only).

Step 8

Once the dresses arrive, get your dresses pressed. Then organise a visit to your local dressmaker or alterations business if the bridesmaids need to have any length adjustments or minor dress alterations done.

NOTE: If you are in Victoria, you can book in to VISIT OUR SHOWROOM based in Melbourne to get your alterations done.

Step 9

Your bridesmaids are now ready for your special Wedding Day! We hope your bridesmaids enjoy wearing their dresses