Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses: How To Nail The Trend

Gone are the days where bridesmaids had to match their entire looks from head to toe. It’s now time for mismatched bridesmaids dresses to take over! Modern brides are recognising the importance of making sure each of their bridesmaids looks and feels their best on their big day, and we’re all for it.

Think about it: each bridesmaid has their unique body shape, style preferences, and tastes. So when you take all of these into account when choosing bridesmaids dresses for them, it speaks volumes of your love and respect for each one of your girls. 

But how can you cater for each bridesmaids’ needs while still creating an aesthetically pleasing lineup for your big day? Well, mismatched bridesmaids dresses are a great way to do it. Read on to learn how to nail this hot trend and discover some mismatched bridesmaids dress ideas too!

How To Nail The Trend

1. Opt for one colour, but different designs

This is, by far, the most popular option for bridal parties that want that mismatched look but still appear cohesive as a group. All you need to do is choose a specific fabric colour for your bridesmaids, and then let them choose the best design that suits their preferences. It’s a really easy way to balance your bridesmaids’ wishes with your chosen colour theme.


Take the mismatched trend a step further by allowing each bridesmaid to choose their own unique hairstyle for the day.

2. Consider tone on tone

As a direct opposite of the first tip, this option is also starting to gain popularity! For this particular option, you can choose a specific dress but let your bridesmaids choose their favourite colours from a given colour palette. 


You can find colour palettes online, or even go for a fun day out at Bunnings to look at paint swatches as a guide!

3. Think about texture

There’s a huge range of textures for bridesmaids dresses fabrics, so why not use it as a point of inspiration? You can use the same type of fabric for all your bridesmaids dresses, but in different colours or designs. So whether you’re into the high-sheen of satin dresses, or love the ethereal vibe of chiffon dresses, consider using texture as the common thread. 


You can order fabric swatches for specific designers to compare different textures too (this option is only available for some of the designers that we carry).

4. Shop from one designer

One of the easiest ways to make mismatched bridesmaids dresses look good together is by choosing one designer to buy all your dresses from. Simply choose a specific colour palette for your girls, and then let them choose their favourite dress from the designer’s collection. 


We have over 200 dresses in our collection, so you’re bound to find a dress that suits each of your bridesmaids!

5. Have a talk about hemlines

Whether you want your girls in full-length bridesmaids gowns or you prefer a cocktail length bridesmaids dress, setting your expectations for matching hemlines will help your girls look coordinated no matter what style of dress they choose for your big day.


In general, shorter hemlines are appropriate for daytime festivities, while longer lengths are more suited for evening affairs.

6. Use mood boards

We love a creative mood board! Whether you love a physical mood board or prefer to create a digital version on Canva or Pinterest instead, we highly recommend having a shared mood board for your bridal party. It’s a great way to see if your girls’ dress wish lists will work together before purchasing their bridesmaids dresses. 


Include your wedding dress, wedding decor inspiration, and other types of inspo photos on your mood board so you can see if your bridesmaids dresses suit the wedding as a whole.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses Inspiration

With thousands of bridesmaids dresses in the market today, it can be challenging to figure out how to pick the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your bridal party. But don’t worry – we’ve got a few mismatched bridesmaids dresses ideas right here for you.

Plus, they’re all available right here at Bridesmaids Dressing Room, home to the best bridesmaids dresses in Melbourne and winner of Best Bridesmaids Dress Business in Victoria at the 2021 ABIA Awards – our 8th consecutive year!

Keep scrolling to find inspiration for your mismatched bridesmaids dresses, and don’t forget to share some of your favourites with your girls.

Long stretch jersey dresses with cross over split

From left to right 

Tania Olsen TO801 Claire (Spaghetti Straps, V Neck), Tania Olsen TO72 Bianca (Medium Straps V Neck), Tania Olsen TO800 Eloise (One-shoulder), Tania Olsen TO76 Sandra (High-Neck)

These gorgeous Tania Olsen bridesmaid dresses are modern, feminine, and luxurious. The jersey fabric is universally flattering and feels so soft and smooth on the skin! These dresses drape and hug you in all the right places, and the variety of necklines create subtle differentiation for each bridesmaid.

If you want your bridesmaids dresses to be more a midi or cocktail length, these dresses can be easily cut and altered by a dressmaker or alterations specialist too. All these dresses are available in Melbourne, and are either made-to-order or in stock (subject to availability).

Long, Soft, and Floaty Chiffon Dresses

From left to right:

Mori Lee Style 21651 (strapless), Mori Lee Style 21662 (one-shoulder), Mori Lee Style 21659 (V-neck), Mori Lee Style 2167 (sleeves)

Want your girls practically floating down the aisle? Then these exquisitely ethereal dresses may just be the perfect options for your bridal party. These long chiffon bridesmaids dresses are soft to the touch and provide effortless elegance to your big day.

Available in sizes 2-28, these Mori Lee bridesmaids dresses are available in a large range of colours to suit your theme. While dresses shown here are in shade Bordeaux (also known as Wine bridesmaids dresses or Maroon bridesmaids dresses), you can opt for completely different colours for each of your bridesmaids, or choose to go slightly mismatched by picking different colours from the same tonal family.

Shona Joy Cocktail Bridesmaid Dresses in Melbourne

From left to right:

Shona Joy Style SJ3965 (Tie Front Cocktail Dress), Shona Joy Style SJ3511 (Bias Cowl Slip Maxi Dress),  Shona Joy Style SJ3499 (Draped Cocktail Frill Dress) and Shona Joy Style SJ3922 (Bias Frill Wrap Dress)

Shona Joy’s selection of popular midi-length dresses will make it super easy for you to achieve the whole ‘mismatched but put together’ style for your bridesmaids. Part of the Luxe Shona Joy Bridesmaids range, these dresses are made with silk-like fabric with a subtle sheen and beautifully soft feel which also drapes gorgeously on its wearers’ body.

These dresses are currently on pre-order for a limited selection of colours, including shade Rose shown here. Available in sizes 6-16, these stunning bridesmaids dresses are available for a limited time only, so make sure you get these into your cart straight away!

Les Demoiselle Cocktail Bridesmaid Dresses in Melbourne

From left to right:

Les Demoiselle Style LD1120 (V-neck), Les Demoiselle Style LD1129 (frill V-neck), Les Demoiselle Style LD1132 (halter neck), Les Demoiselle Style LD1126 (thin straps, crossover neckline)

Les Demoiselle is a brand that champions glamour and luxury in all their collections. If you want your bridesmaids to turn up the va-va-voom volume on your wedding day, Les Demoiselle dresses are the way to go! Available in sizes 4-30, these dresses are available as made-to-order or in-stock (subject to availability).

These bridesmaids dresses can be easily mismatched too, with a large range of colours and fabrics available to suit anyone’s tastes. The dresses shown here in shade Navy are made of a shiny crepe suiting fabric, which is a slightly thicker and firmer fabric that hugs the body in all the right places.

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As the premiere bridesmaids dress boutique in Melbourne, we love helping brides and bridesmaids choose the perfect bridesmaids dresses. We believe that bridesmaids look best when they feel beautiful and confident, so we love helping them find the dress that will do just that.

If you want to learn how to choose the best bridesmaids dress without the stress, we’ve got you covered. Download our eBook now, and shop our range of bridesmaids dresses online anytime!

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