Your guide to ordering dresses from Bridesmaids Dressing Room

When it comes to finding the perfect bridesmaids dress, most brides realise pretty early on that it can be a little tricky without help! That’s why it’s always been our mission to make the process less stressful. We’re all about helping you and your girls find the best dresses for your girls and your wedding.

That’s why we want to share all the different ways you can choose and order the bridesmaids dresses of your dreams. We’re also sharing some clever tips and tricks that will make the whole process much smoother for everyone involved.

Curious? Read on to discover your different dress ordering options, timelines for your orders, and tips to make bridesmaids dress shopping easier.

Your different ordering options

Bridesmaids Dressing Room is a unique bridesmaids dress store because we give you the option of ordering online and in person! 

Being an online bridesmaids dress store and having a bridesmaids dress showroom in Melbourne, we’ve found that our clients often find us because they want the flexibility and one-on-one customer service that we deliver. 

What can we say? We’re just committed to helping you find the perfect bridesmaids dress, without the stress!

Keep scrolling to understand all the different ordering options for our dresses.

1. Order made-to-order bridesmaids dresses online

This is a popular option, particularly for brides who know exactly what they want and simply want to get their order in sooner rather than later. If you or your bridesmaids are confident in taking measurements (or have a professional seamstress available to do so), and are able to read a size chart, this is an option to consider! You might even like to book in for Zoom or Skype fitting with our founder Aneta.

‘Made-to-order’ means that your dress order will be made completely from scratch in the sizes you’ve chosen, using the same fabric dye stock (if you are ordering the same fabric shade for all your girls). This is the best way to ensure all your bridesmaids look coordinated on your big day.

Here are some tips to remember if you opt for ordering made-to-order dresses online:

  • Remember to use the correct size chart for the designer you’re ordering from. Every designer and manufacturer has their own sizing system, and in many cases, they do not respond to everyday dress sizes. That’s why it’s imperative that you use the correct sizing chart!
  • Engage a professional seamstress or tailor to take your girls’ measurements. They’ll know exactly how to take dress measurements, and will likely be the person you’ll go to for alterations (more on that further down).
  • If your girls would rather do the measurements themselves, make sure they each have someone around to take their measurements. It’s nearly impossible to measure yourself correctly, and you don’t want to risk ordering the wrong size.
  • Contact us to enquire about our measuring consultation service. We’ve been doing interstate and international dress measurements via Zoom or Skype for years! All your bridesmaids will need is a computer or mobile device with a Zoom or Skype account, a measuring tape, and somebody there to help with measurement.
  • Order fabric swatches for the design that you’re after if you need to see and feel the fabric in person. Please see the Bridesmaid Dresses/Fabric category of our shopping cart. Do note that while we do have a wide selection of fabric swatches, there are some brands who do not supply them. 

2. Try on bridesmaids dresses in-store before ordering

We have over 150 dresses in our Keilor showroom at any given time. There will surely be a few bridesmaids dresses that tick all your boxes! So if you want to be able to see dresses in person, try them on, and have an accurate look at what these dresses look like on your bridesmaids, this is the perfect option for you.

Another benefit to this is that you’ll be able to see how your bridal party will look all together, and have fun doing it too!

Here are some tips to help make the day go smoothly:

  • Find a time that suits everyone and book your free consultation with us ASAP. Our appointments fill up fast, so the sooner you book your session in, the better.
  • Where possible, make sure your bridesmaids are using the undergarments and shoes they will be wearing on your wedding day. If you can’t get the exact shoes yet, at the very least they should wear the same heel height they plan on wearing.
  • Make sure to bring your wedding planning inspo, including the colour scheme, decorations, and floral arrangements. This will help you find bridesmaids dresses that truly complement the overall look of your big day.
  • We regularly change the bridesmaids dresses that are available in the showroom, so you need to check the product description of the dresses you’re interested in, and look for the ‘Try me on!’ note. This means the dress is available to try on in store.
  • Enjoy the process! We take pride in providing a personalised, fun, and relaxed shopping experience for every bridal party. It’s not just about finding the perfect dress – it’s about finding joy in that process, together.

3. Order from our ready stock items

Aside from our range of accessories, we do sometimes have ready stock bridesmaids dresses in-store. While you won’t have access to the large range of dresses as you would through the made-to-order process, this is a good option if you need the bridesmaids dresses really quickly.

Here are some tips for ordering ready stock dresses:

  • Make sure to look at the sizing chart carefully – remember, each designer has their own sizing chart!
  • Find a seamstress or tailor to take your girls’ measurements, or use our guide to do it for them.
  • Double check that the dresses are marked as Ready Stock, especially if you don’t have the time to wait for made-to-order dresses.

4. Pre-order exclusive Shona Joy dresses

We’re honoured to have exclusive bridesmaids dresses by Shona Joy available for pre-order. There are limited styles, sizes, and colours available for these pieces, so get in touch with us about this pre-order ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Here are a few tips to help you with this pre-order

  • Make sure you use Shona Joy’s size chart when taking measurements and deciding on sizes!
  • Consider dressing your girls in different dresses made of the same fabric. This is a great way to emphasise each girls’ personality and allow them to pick a dress that is most flattering for their body type. The best part is, your bridal party will still look cohesive!

What about fittings and alterations?

While we host consultations in our showrooms to try on bridesmaids dresses, we do not currently do alterations after your dresses have been delivered. We can, however, refer you to a professional alteration service provider who specialise in wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and eveningwear.

It is important to note that alterations are often required for bridesmaids dresses. Even with careful measuring and accurate use of sizing charts, there will be a few things that will need adjustment to fit each person’s body perfectly. 

These are often small alterations – hem adjustments and shoulder strap length adjustments are the two that are most often needed. At other times, there may be small changes you’d like to make to the dresses, like adding a flutter sleeve or shoulder straps. It’s important to take the alterations into account when figuring out your timeline.

Timelines for made-to-order bridesmaids dresses

The most important thing to remember is that all our made-to-order bridesmaids dresses generally take 12-14 weeks to arrive from the time you order it. 

Need it quicker than that? Rush orders are available, but only for selected brands and subject to approval. These rush orders for bridesmaids dresses can have a wait of 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the manufacturer.

If you need to do a rush order for your bridal party, make sure to contact our showroom to discuss it and ensure that it’s even possible for the brand that you’ve chosen.

No matter if you choose to wait or request a rush order, you must allow enough time for alterations after you receive the dresses. As we mentioned previously, alterations are to be expected, so plan ahead.

Tips to make bridesmaids dress shopping easier

Over the years, we’ve discovered a variety of useful hints to make the bridesmaid dress shopping experience that little bit smoother. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind when shopping for dresses for your bridal party!

1. Set yourself a deadline

Work backwards from your wedding date to figure out the final deadline for ordering dresses, and then go back a whole month before that date to figure out the ideal deadline for making those orders!

This is the best way to allow enough time to have your bridesmaids dresses delivered and altered in time for your wedding. In general, we advise clients to count back 5-6 months from their wedding for these purposes.

2. Always order all your dresses at once

As all our dresses are made to order, you could risk dresses being different colours if you order them separately. This is because our manufacturers can only ensure that all the dresses are from the same fabric roll and dye lot if they are all part of the same order. They simply cannot make that guarantee if the dresses are ordered separately.

3. Order extra fabric at the same time

You’d be surprised just how useful that extra fabric can be! You could use the fabric to make sleeves, belts, napkins, shawls, ties, and pocket squares (for the men). You could even use it to make a ribbon to wrap around your bridal bouquet! 

Please note that there is a minimum 1m order for extra fabric, and you should always order it at the same time as your dresses to ensure an exact colour match. Do contact the showroom before your purchase if you plan on ordering extra fabric.

4. Between sizes? Order larger!

Always buy a bigger size if any of your bridesmaids are between sizes. It’s much easier to take something in than it is to make it bigger, so it’s smarter to go a size up instead.

Let us take the stress out of your bridesmaids dress shopping!

We hope this blog post gives you a much clearer idea about the different things you need to consider when ordering your bridesmaids dresses! Always remember, we are here to assist you through every step of the process.

You can contact us at any time via our contact form or by phone, and the Bridesmaids Dressing Room showroom in Keilor, Melbourne, is open by appointment for virtual and in-person appointments throughout the week. We can’t wait to welcome you and your girls soon!

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